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Northlands Invitational Homing Club

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

History of the Northlands Invitational Homing Club

The Northlands Invitational Homing Club was founded in 2005 by 11 founding members. Most of the meetings in 2005 were held at Ken Bliss's home. The first racing season we basketed in Konrad Grosskopf's garage. In 2006 we moved to the King Edward Community Hall. We helped renovate the rink shack which we use as our club house and volunteer at their casinos when they need help.

Our Executive


Jim Phelan
Club President

Frank Belyea

Frank Belyea
Recording Secretary


Dave Stead
Club Treasurer

Awards: Frank Belyea
Band Chairperson: Dave Stead
Basket Chairperson: Frank Belyea
Driver Allocator: Frank Belyea
Race Secretary: Dave Stead
Release Chairperson: Fred Goodchild
TauRIS / Winspeed: Dave Stead
Truck Chairpersons:
Dave Stead

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